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App instead of paper work

Save resources with clockin:




Sheets of paper



clockin makes your everyday work easier.

Everything that happens in your company happens in the office center.

clockin calender

Coordinate your appointments with the clockin calendar and always keep track of all projects. No matter if it's absences, recurring appointments or project management. Make your scheduling breezy!

[Translate to English:] Einfache Kontrolle

Easy controle

Manage your ongoing projects from the office. In the office center, you always have a live overview of the hours & costs of your projects. Coordinate projects with immediate effect and send push messages to employees.

[Translate to English:] Mitarbeiter-Verwaltung

Human Resources

Thanks to digital personnel files, time management and absence requests, you manage your employers in one system. Through the subdivision into departments & teams, you can perfectly adapt clockin to your company.

[Translate to English:] Digitale Projektakte

Digital project file

The digital project file saves the progress of your projects in a timeline. This way, you can track the development of your projects at any time and export them conveniently.


Frequently asked questions by managing directors

Many people are afraid of trying out new things at first. In order to promote your employees' acceptance of digital time tracking, you should select voluntary testers among your employees already in the app testing phase. They will quickly become enthusiastic about the ease of use and time savings and convince their colleagues.


No one wants to be monitored. Neither do we. clockin is not about surveillance, but about transparent work documentation. For industries with just-in-time logistics, GPS tracking is existential. That's why GPS tracking is a matter for the boss - whether you want to use the function is up to you! Because live logging and live documentation are also possible without GPS tracking.

Important legal notice:
clockin does not provide legal advice at this point. The information provided is not binding and may vary between companies or countries. We therefore expressly advise you to have the use and scope of clockin checked by a lawyer.

The German Occupational Health and Safety Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) sets narrow limits for the tracking of employees' positions. In particular, employees should not feel under pressure or be exposed to permanent monitoring. Therefore, no permanent tracking of employees takes place at clockin. You are free to decide whether or not you want to use the GPS function in consultation with your employees/works councils. It is technically possible to record a GPS point every time an employee/column changes activities. The situation is different for rides with the company vehicle: Since this is an expensive inventory of the company, it may be possible in certain cases to record the location at shorter intervals. 

Important legal notice:
clockin does not provide legal advice at this point. The information provided is not binding and may vary between companies or countries. We therefore expressly advise you to have the use and scope of clockin checked by a lawyer.

No. With the column function, the entire column can be booked with just one smartphone in the clockin app. A smartphone contract is not necessary. The app can also be used offline. As soon as an internet connection (e.g. via WLAN) is established, the data is transferred to the Office Centre.


The documentation of the work done can easily be done in the app, confirmations from the client can be obtained and duplicates can be sent by email with just one click. All relevant information can be recorded. In this way, discrepancies with customers can be prevented and a pleasant flow of information can be created.


Orders can be easily assigned to employees, documentation and working hours are automatically transmitted. This prevents unnecessary discussions with employees and improves project coordination.


clockin was deliberately developed and tested together with craftsmen and other practitioners who do not use smartphones in their daily work. Our experience has shown: Since the use of our app does not require any training and can be operated intuitively, the use of the app does not cause any problems even for non-tech-savvy employees.


Dazu gehst du einfach auf den Reiter "Mobilgeräte" im Büro-Center. Klicke auf das Gerät, dass dem Mitarbeiter noch zugeordnet ist. Hier kannst du jetzt unten rechts auf "Trennen" klicken, um die Verbindung zu lösen.

Daraufhin kann der Mitarbeiter sich die clockin App auf seinem neuen Gerät herunterladen, auf "Manuell verbinden" tippen, dann auf "zum Geräte-ID Login" und dort die Geräte ID und das Passwort des Mitarbeiters eingeben. Geräte-ID und Passwort findet ihr ebenfalls wenn ihr auf das Gerät unter dem Reiter "Mobilgeräte" klickt. Es bietet sich an, das Mobilgerät nach dem Mitarbeiter zu benennen.

Technical requirements


Devices compatible with the clockin app
  • Apple iPhones (as of iOS 10)
  • Apple iPads (as of iOS 10)
  • Android Smartphones (as of Version 5)
  • Android Tablets (as of Version 5)

Supported browsers
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari

(We do not support Microsoft Internet Explorer due to its outdated (security) standards) as of version 10)


Technical questions

In the past, employees had to make sure they had enough work tickets with them. Now only the task is shifting: in the future, employees need to make sure to charge the battery while driving. We also recommend keeping a power bank in the car, which can also be used to charge the smartphone on the spot.


clockin also works offline. The tracked times and documents are saved on the device and transmitted to the Office Centre as soon as you connect to the WLAN.


Due to the offline capability, the working time is tracked on the basis of the smartphone time. This means that the time on the smartphone could be changed. In the event of anomalies, e.g. in comparison to the applicable world time, you will be informed of the difference by e-mail.


clockin setzt auf modernste Cloud-Technologie mit TÜV- und ISO-zertifizierten deuschen Servern. clockin erfüllt alle deutschen und europäischen Datenschutzbestimmungen, ist EuGH- und DSGVO-konform und legt mit seinem Experten-Team besonderen Wert auf Datensicherheit nach deutschen Standards. Mehr zum Datenschutz

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