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"Let's put an end to all that paperwork"

Your company uses clockin and you benefit from it:

No more writing slips

Easy usability

Record overtime accurately

Vacation requests via app

Your own employee login access

No more file folders, everything digital

clockin makes your everyday work easier.

This is how it works!

Sign in and out

With clockin, you simply clock in your working hours via app. Time tracking? From now on, just one click instead of writing annoying notes.

The Office Center

You can log in to the clockin office center at any time and transparently view your completed working hours.


Frequently asked questions by other employees

The easy-to-use clockin app is used to record the central processes, especially in the field. The smartphone screen or the information found in other apps are of course not tracked. clockin simply replaces the conventional timesheets or customer reports.



clockin tracks and transmits the working hours booked by the employee as well as the documentation carried out. For support purposes, the current version numbers of the apps and the smartphone operating system are also transmitted. Each company can also decide whether additional position data is to be recorded using GPS. When using the GPS function, however, no permanent tracking takes place. clockin only records the position once for each change of activity. Journeys in company vehicles can optionally be provided with a tracking option. Otherwise, no further data is recorded or transmitted.


With clockin, you can enter work results directly in the app via text or voice input or take photos for before-and-after documentation. The information is directly assigned to the corresponding project. This saves you the time-consuming, manual re-entry of data.


No one enjoys having to dig through a multitude of documents or appearing unprepared at the client's premises.

clockin offers you an alternative: All order-relevant data is available in the app. As soon as you dial into a project, the project time is automatically recorded. You can easily add changes or further information in the app. This saves you not only the confusing paperwork but also a lot of time.

Many of our customers used to be asked for details about orders that were already a fortnight ago. This can be difficult due to the large number of orders processed. With live transmission of the documentation, queries can be answered on the same day - but are hardly necessary any more due to the foolproof implementation of the documentation. Stop getting annoyed about queries, start clocking your documentation!


Often, employees are informed of orders at short notice by telephone. In everyday life, this results in two scenarios: Either only a little information is exchanged on the phone or the field worker has already forgotten half of it by the time he has finally fought his way through the traffic to the order location.

With clockin, all information can be stored in the project while the order is still being accepted. This information (e.g. the contact person on site, floor plans) and additional information are available to the employee directly on the smartphone.

Use the clockin app for an easy flow of information!

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