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General questions

Digitalisation automates many processes in your company. You and your employees are relieved from simple and time-consuming tasks. Automated processes save time and hard work. This makes you more efficient and productive in your everyday work. The clockin app offers you numerous functions that make time tracking, job documentation and accounting easier. In this way, you save valuable time and always keep an overview.

As the lack of young talent leads to a shortage of skilled workers in industries such as the craftwork, it is important to counteract the growing order situation. Time-saving and automated processes can help businesses remain competitive. Digitalisation enables future challenges to be dealt with easily and quickly. The clockin app is an ace up our customers' sleeves.



The coordination of project planning and orders becomes much easier and more efficient when being done digitally. Processes can be quickly coordinated in the clockin app. The app makes it possible to track a lot of information about projects and make them available. Moreover, post-calculation can also be understood better.


1. Customer acquisition:

Communication with customers is automated and thus greatly simplified. Invoices are made available fairly and transparently with only little effort. The customer receives a lot of information about the order situation with only a very short flow of information. He is always up to date through automatic verification - as if he were on site himself. This saves time and effort.


2. Employee recruitment:

Young employees are influenced by digitalisation and want nothing to do with a lot of paperwork. With digital-savvy companies, young employees know that the saved paperwork allows them to focus on the actual workflow. A digital company shows potential employees that they are competitive and can keep up in times of digitalisation.


3. Project planning:

Coordinating project planning and assignments becomes much easier and more efficient digitally. Processes can be coordinated in the clockin app quickly. The app makes it possible to record a lot of information about projects and to make them available. Moreover, post-calculation will be easier to understand. 


4. Overview:

Digital systems like clockin help everyone involved to keep track of orders and projects. Through various functions, everything is made available in a clear and transparent way - even if you are not on site, you are always up to date and have all information available at a glance.


5. Invoicing:

Invoices can be created and sent automatically with just a few clicks. This saves many steps and valuable working time. No one has to wait long for work sheets. 


6. Relief for payroll accounting:

In many companies, time sheets still have to be filled out manually by the employees. These are then passed on to an employee in the office who laboriously enters the hours into a system. With clockin, timesheets can be output with just two clicks. This relieves payroll accountants as many tedious work steps are eliminated. 


7. Workflow:

Many companies still get held back by tedious paperwork and spend a lot of time and effort on documentation and paperwork. With clockin, the employee does the "paperwork" with a few digital steps on site and saves himself many work steps in the office. Thus, he can stay in the workflow and does not have to do any work twice.


Technical questions

The app can be used on iOS Devices (from version 10) as well as Android (from version 5).


A browser that is up to date should be used for the Office Centre. We recommend Firefox or Chrome. Only Internet Explorer cannot be used for clockin. Due to the outdated standard, it is not compatible with our system.


In the past, employees had to make sure they had enough work tickets with them. Now only the task is shifting: in the future, employees need to make sure to charge the battery while driving. We also recommend keeping a power bank in the car, which can also be used to charge the smartphone on the spot.


No! A smartphone contract is not necessary. The app can also be used offline. As soon as an internet connection is established, the data is transferred to the Office Centre.


clockin also works offline. The tracked times and documents are saved on the device and transmitted to the Office Centre as soon as you connect to the WLAN.


Due to the offline capability, the working time is tracked on the basis of the smartphone time. This means that the time on the smartphone could be changed. In the event of anomalies, e.g. in comparison to the applicable world time, you will be informed of the difference by e-mail.


Every company can decide whether it wants to use the GPS function or not. Thus, within narrow limits, position data can be recorded when an activity is started and finished. Permanent tracking is not possible. Travel times can be an exception. In some industries, travel times in company vehicles can be recorded under certain conditions.

Important legal notice: clockin does not provide legal advice at this point. The information provided is not binding and may vary between companies or countries. We therefore expressly advise you to have the use and scope of clockin checked by a lawyer.

What happens if you accidentally spill water on your timesheet? As with manual documents, breakdowns can never be prevented completely. However, if this happens, our excellent support team will be on hand to sort it out for you. In contrast, you would have had to rewrite your wet timesheet yourself.


Questions from managing directors

Many people are afraid of trying out new things at first. In order to promote your employees' acceptance of digital time tracking, you should select voluntary testers among your employees already in the app testing phase. They will quickly become enthusiastic about the ease of use and time savings and convince their colleagues.


No one wants to be monitored. Neither do we. clockin is not about surveillance, but about transparent work documentation. For industries with just-in-time logistics, GPS tracking is existential. That's why GPS tracking is a matter for the boss - whether you want to use the function is up to you! Because live logging and live documentation are also possible without GPS tracking.

Important legal notice:
clockin does not provide legal advice at this point. The information provided is not binding and may vary between companies or countries. We therefore expressly advise you to have the use and scope of clockin checked by a lawyer.

The German Occupational Health and Safety Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) sets narrow limits for the tracking of employees' positions. In particular, employees should not feel under pressure or be exposed to permanent monitoring. Therefore, no permanent tracking of employees takes place at clockin. You are free to decide whether or not you want to use the GPS function in consultation with your employees/works councils. It is technically possible to record a GPS point every time an employee/column changes activities. The situation is different for rides with the company vehicle: Since this is an expensive inventory of the company, it may be possible in certain cases to record the location at shorter intervals. 

Important legal notice:
clockin does not provide legal advice at this point. The information provided is not binding and may vary between companies or countries. We therefore expressly advise you to have the use and scope of clockin checked by a lawyer.

No. With the column function, the entire column can be booked with just one smartphone in the clockin app. A smartphone contract is not necessary. The app can also be used offline. As soon as an internet connection (e.g. via WLAN) is established, the data is transferred to the Office Centre.


The documentation of the work done can easily be done in the app, confirmations from the client can be obtained and duplicates can be sent by email with just one click. All relevant information can be recorded. In this way, discrepancies with customers can be prevented and a pleasant flow of information can be created.


Orders can be easily assigned to employees, documentation and working hours are automatically transmitted. This prevents unnecessary discussions with employees and improves project coordination.


clockin was deliberately developed and tested together with craftsmen and other practitioners who do not use smartphones in their daily work. Our experience has shown: Since the use of our app does not require any training and can be operated intuitively, the use of the app does not cause any problems even for non-tech-savvy employees.


Questions from employees

The easy-to-use clockin app is used to record the central processes, especially in the field. The smartphone screen or the information found in other apps are of course not tracked. clockin simply replaces the conventional timesheets or customer reports.



clockin tracks and transmits the working hours booked by the employee as well as the documentation carried out. For support purposes, the current version numbers of the apps and the smartphone operating system are also transmitted. Each company can also decide whether additional position data is to be recorded using GPS. When using the GPS function, however, no permanent tracking takes place. clockin only records the position once for each change of activity. Journeys in company vehicles can optionally be provided with a tracking option. Otherwise, no further data is recorded or transmitted.


With clockin, you can enter work results directly in the app via text or voice input or take photos for before-and-after documentation. The information is directly assigned to the corresponding project. This saves you the time-consuming, manual re-entry of data.


No one enjoys having to dig through a multitude of documents or appearing unprepared at the client's premises.

clockin offers you an alternative: All order-relevant data is available in the app. As soon as you dial into a project, the project time is automatically recorded. You can easily add changes or further information in the app. This saves you not only the confusing paperwork but also a lot of time.

Many of our customers used to be asked for details about orders that were already a fortnight ago. This can be difficult due to the large number of orders processed. With live transmission of the documentation, queries can be answered on the same day - but are hardly necessary any more due to the foolproof implementation of the documentation. Stop getting annoyed about queries, start clocking your documentation!


Often, employees are informed of orders at short notice by telephone. In everyday life, this results in two scenarios: Either only a little information is exchanged on the phone or the field worker has already forgotten half of it by the time he has finally fought his way through the traffic to the order location.

With clockin, all information can be stored in the project while the order is still being accepted. This information (e.g. the contact person on site, floor plans) and additional information are available to the employee directly on the smartphone.

Use the clockin app for an easy flow of information!

For reasons of clarity, some answers have been presented in abbreviated form. clockin does not provide legal advice on the use of the software.


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