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clockin Onboarding

Our service for you

The initial setup of clockin may take some time, depending on the company. We set up clockin completely for you so that you can concentrate fully on your daily business. A few days later you can get started in your company.



What we do for you:

  • Import of all customer data
  • Import of all employee data 
    (Including working time models, cost centers, vacation days, etc.)
  • Import of all projects/orders
  • Individual design of the apps with logo and corporate colors
  • Individual wording & configuration of the app
  • Preparation of the mobile device configuration
  • Process adjustment to company requirements
  • Final discussion & support with the LIVE connection

What do we need?

     Excel lists with the following content:

  • Customer data
  • Project/order data
  • Employee data
    (incl. working hours, vacations etc.)
  • An approx. 15-minute telephone conversation to understand how the processes in your company work
  • Your logo as an image file

How long does it take?

  • Normally, your clockin account is fully set up within 4-5 working days after receipt of all data.
  • We additionally train you and your employees in the use of clockin.

One-time flat rate:


Net plus 19% VAT


Net plus 19% VAT


Net plus 19% VAT

up to 50 employees

up to 100 employees

up to 200 employees

The clockin one-time flat rate includes a maximum working hour for clockin of 2 hours. 

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