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The clockin features. All in one app!


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Easy time tracking via app!

The main features:

  • Simple dayly working time recording (also via QR code)
  • Perfect for home office and field services
  • fully offline-capable
  • Clean recording of travel times, loading times & breaks
  • Also available on tablets
  • Individual color scheme & own company logo
  • Automatic timesheet generation


Free trial!

Test clockin for 14 days free of charge and without any obligation.

A connection that makes sense.

With clockin, your employees' smartphones are connected to your office in real time. All data recorded in the app can be viewed live from the desk at any time. So the boss always has everything in view. The clockin office center can be accessed with all common browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

  • Live overview of all projects (including current project costs)
  • Recalculation possible
  • Automatic processes

Inhouse time tracking

Tablet time clock with your logo

With our clockin tablets you can also replace the conventional time clock. Record the times of your employees in the office, in the branches or in your practices digitally with one click! To do this, your employees simply log on to a tablet with a personalized QR code or PIN and off you go! 

  • Record working hours, business trips and break times
  • Individual presentation with your logo
  • No expensive hardware costs

Alle Funktionen zur einfachen Zeiterfassung entdecken:

Work mobile on any device

The app can be used as a terminal on the tablet as well as on the smartphone for your time recording. The Office Center is also multi-device capable and can be used on any device. No matter if PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - clockin is where you are. No software needs to be installed. Simply log in to our website from any device to access employee data and times. This way you always have everything in view from everywhere.


Keeping the overview

With our overtime management you have an overview of the current status of your employees' overtime. So you always know when the overtime has to be celebrated or paid. These can also be included in the monthly time sheet.

Simple and with just one click

You can easily record any absences of your employees and store documents such as a medical certificate in case of illness.
Time sheets of your employees can be issued and sent to the accounting department or the tax consultant. 

If you wish, you can store an automatic break deduction for the employees to ensure the break times of the employees.


Possible at any time via interface

Simply transfer your employee, customer and order data from your existing programs. With our CSV import, all data is imported within seconds and is immediately available in clockin. No typing necessary.

Always and everywhere ready for use

Especially in rural areas or in large buildings there are often problems with cell phone reception in Germany. With clockin no problem because clockin is fully offline capable. clockin stores all data between and transmits them automatically to the office, as soon as again an Internet connection steals.

Connect to your applications

Connect clockin to your accounting or personnel programs. Our open interface (API) allows easy connection to various programs and creates an automatic data exchange.

Adapt to own requirements

The clockin app is freely configurable. You can completely adapt the app to the needs of your company, rename, add or remove buttons. clockin is as flexible as your company and your corporate language. The app can be individualised with your company logo and company colors and also displayed in different languages.

The staff dashboard

Keep an overview at all times with the Office Center. With clear graphics, tables and evaluations, you always have all employees, working hours and customer projects in view.

Expand the team at short notice

Customize our app to your company: With a monthly package term, you can add employees at any time and reduce them again each month. This gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to react to changes in your company at any time.

View times and activities immediately

Do you hire subcontractors and need credible time recording and work documentation? No problem with clockin! With just a few clicks you can integrate your subcontractors and record activities and times like your own employees. This way you are always in control.

Immer alles im Blick. Mit dem 



Die mit der App erfassten Zeiten der Mitarbeiter stehen

Ihnen im Büro-Center in Echtzeit zur Verfügung.

Einfache Zeitverwaltung & Urlaubsmanagement.

Im Büro-Center können Sie die Zeiten der Mitarbeiter verwalten und bei Bedarf korrigieren. So behalten Sie immer den Überblick. Die individuellen Stundenzettel Ihrer Mitarbeiter können Sie ganz bequem als Excel-Datei exportieren. 



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