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Project time tracking

Activity-based via app

For those who want more

Stamp & account project working hours

Project Time Tracking

Employees clock in their working hours on an activity basis, e.g. according to project times, travel times & Co.


All project info in your pocket

All important project data is stored right in the app and accessible immediately.


Manage absences

Request leave via app & keep track of your team's absences at all times


Project time tracking

Key features

  • Time recording on a project/activity basis
  • Online project & assignment planning
  • Live project cost analysis (incl. post calculation)
  • Crew-tracking
  • Online employee management
  • Subprojects
  • Optional: GPS function
  • CSV export and import 

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Digitally connected to your office center

Live transmission to the minute

With clockin, your employees' smartphones are connected to your office in real time. All data tracked via app can be viewed live from the desk at any time. In this way, the boss always has everything in view. The clockin Office Center can be accessed with all common browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

  • Live overview of all projects (including current project costs)
  • Recalculation possible
  • Automated processes

Free Trial

Time tracking via app

Simply mobile in field service

Simple operation is sacred to us! clockin can be used on almost any smartphone with just a few clicks. There is no need to purchase expensive extra equipment. The tracking of working hours is done faster than with paper time sheets - see for yourself!

  • Instantly comprehensible
  • No training required
  • Ready to go in 2 minutes

All features

of project based time tracking

Exact to the minute and individual

Time recording with one click and in compliance with the EuGH ruling - the clockin app makes it possible. No matter whether every activity is to be recorded to the minute or whether only the daily working time is required, clockin can be individually adapted to every company. In addition, project-based time tracking allows evaluations of project times and costs to be drawn and exported.


Documentation of subtasks

With the subproject function, projects/orders can be divided into subprojects. In this way, individual working steps can be specified and recorded to the minute. In the subsequent evaluation, these are displayed separately as well as in total and made available as an Excel export.

Automatically at regular intervals

Recurring projects such as regular maintenance orders can now be created automatically in clockin. You can easily determine the intervals at which a date should be repeated. The responsible employee automatically receives all information and times in his weekly and daily planning in the app and can start immediately. Job planning has never been easier.

All data always at hand

Customer name and telephone number, address and contact person - all information that is important for the employees on site can be found at a glance in the app. With one click on the navigation symbol you can be navigated to the customer or order location, with another you can call the contact person directly. You can also save project-relevant documents for your projects. This way your employees always have everything at hand in the clockin app.

All projects and dates at a glance

With the calendar view, all planned projects and working hours of the employees can be viewed at a glance. The calendar view offers a monthly as well as a practical weekly and daily overview. Thus, all projects and appointments can be created, called and edited.

Live status on project times and personnel costs

With clockin, you receive a LIVE status on incurred project times and personnel costs accurate to the minute. These are automatically compared with the planned values and displayed clearly. You can immediately see whether a project is in the green zone or is about to get out of hand.

For even more detailed documentation

See in real time which projects your employees are currently working on or which employees are currently on their lunch break. Using GPS technology, the exact position data can be recorded in compliance with data protection regulations. When logging in or changing assignments, the exact position data can be recorded and clearly displayed on a map.

Stay up to date

With clockin's automatic mail info, you or your project managers are automatically notified when your employees report a problem, the scheduling gets out of hand or a project is completed. In this way, you can always keep the overview.

Only one smartphone per team

Not every employee needs his own smartphone. clockin is column-capable and can therefore also be used cost-effectively in teams. The project manager books the times centrally for all employees with just one click.

When you as a project manager make a change in the project, you can set your employees to receive push notifications on their devices. Your employees can then open this push notification and automatically enter the project - the project time starts. 
For example, if employees are still waiting for important information in order to start their work, they will be informed via push message that these documents are now available in the project and can immediately continue their work in the project.


This feature allows you to assign individual access rights to employees in the Office Center. Some of our customers employ subcontractors who track their hours via clockin as well, but don't want them to have access to other data of the company. Other companies are located at different sites or have several branches that are organized separately.

For all those, the clockin Teams feature is quite appealing: In the Office Center you can create different teams & departments of your company. You can assign the employees to a department and thereby assign individual responsibilities or permissions to each employee. Which employees are granted access to which data can be adjusted with just a few clicks.



clockin Teams - Individual access rights

Organize locations and branch offices

Delimit teams and subcontractors