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Simply connect clockin to your programmes

DATEV, industry solutions, ERP systems, invoices & payroll

clockin can be easily connected to a variety of other programs and software solutions. This allows data to be exchanged between these programs without having to enter or transfer the data several times at different locations. We have the right solution for every customer. On this page we present the main interface possibilities.



Invoices & payroll




Payroll accounting




ERP-systems & API




CSV import/export




DATEV interface

Data exchange with payroll accounting and tax consultants

With our DATEV interface, data can be transferred directly to DATEV Lohn & Gehalt. Thus, the working hours of your employees can be transferred directly to DATEV or to your tax advisor with just two clicks.

Total effort for the interface: The DATEV interface is standardised and can be used within a few minutes.


Payroll accounting programs

Do you use a different payroll accounting system? No problem! With the open clockin API or the CSV interface, almost all programs and software systems can be connected to clockin. Please contact us for more information. 

Total cost of the interface: Depends on the respective system.

CSV import/export

The simplest way of data transmission

You want to transfer data simply and easily to and from clockin? In this case, our CSV import and export is just right for you. Almost every other software programme today offers CSV export, for example for customer, order or employee data. These are created as a list similar to Excel, can be downloaded on the computer and then be uploaded to clockin with a one click. Within a few seconds, all customer or employee data from your previous solution can be imported into clockin. This also works the other way around.

Because clockin only updates the changes in the respective data record, you can also regularly update inventory data in both systems. For example, if the address of a customer or the start date of an order has changed. 

Total time required for the interface: 2 minutes per import/export.


Automated CSV import/export

Automatic data transmission

The above described way of data transfer via CSV import/export can be fully automated. For example, the newly generated data (such as working hours, break times etc.) are transferred once a day (usually at night) from clockin to a server. From here, the file can then be automatically imported into your other software programs so that you already have all times and project data in your payroll accounting the next morning.

Total interface effort: The interface must be adjusted and set up once. For this purpose, both your IT department or IT service provider as well as us at clockin must schedule about one day. Further expenses only arise if the transferred data needs to be changed at a later date and the interface must be adapted accordingly.

Lexoffice interface

Automate customer and invoice data

With the Lexoffice interface you can transfer your customer data directly from Lexoffice (Lexware company) to clockin. The recorded order and project times as well as the services rendered can be sent directly to Lexoffice with one click. The correct customer address is automatically selected and the invoice with the respective invoice position is created as a draft. If everything is correct, you can send the invoice to your customer with one click. It couldn't be simpler!

Total effort for the interface: One-time connection of clockin and Lexoffice necessary. Can be done independently in a few minutes. 

Availability: Coming soon!

Gesamtaufwand für Schnittstelle: Einmaliges Verbinden von clockin und lexoffice notwendig. Kann in wenigen Minuten eigenständig durchgeführt werden. 

Mehr über lexoffice erfahren

Invoices and accounting

Create invoices automatically

clockin can be connected to almost any accounting and invoice program. All online solutions (SaaS) are particularly easy to connect. With locally installed invoicing systems or industry solutions, setting up an automatic interface can be more complex. Usually the standardised clockin CSV interface is the one with the best cost-benefit ratio. Many of our customers have been using the CSV interface successfully for many years. 

Total cost of the interface: Depends on the respective system and type of installation. It takes approx. 2 minutes when using the standard clockin CSV interface.

clockin API - Open interface

Direct system connection

Direct system connection 

With the clockin API, any modern software program can be connected directly to clockin. Thereafter, both systems can communicate LIVE with each other and synchronise and transfer the data stocks. The data exchange between the systems takes place in real time so that all programs are always up to date. The documentation of the clockin interface can be downloaded from 

Total effort of the interface: The one-time setup of the interface usually requires 1-2 days on the customer's side (IT department or IT service provider) to connect the clockin API with the existing software.

SAP connection

For large companies and corporations

SAP is one of the largest ERP systems in the world and is in particular used by numerous medium-sized companies and large corporations. An automated data exchange can be carried out between SAP and clockin. Employee and working time data as well as customer and order/project data can be transmitted in both directions. 

Total effort for the interface: Usually a few days are required on both sides for coordination and technical implementation.


Bitrix24 CRM and ERP

Company administration and management


Bitrix24 is one of the largest and most important CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP systems worldwide. In addition to numerous business processes and plan values, Bitrix can be used to map all customer and project data and automatically send quotations as well as invoices. clockin can be directly connected to Bitrix24 in order to receive and send back data from Bitrix24. 

Total effort for the interface: Depending on the desired functions. It usually takes a few days of effort for coordination and adjustments.