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The clockin features. All in one app!


Simple time tracking  Project time tracking Digital documentation 

Simple documentation via App.

The main features:


  • Document projects via app

  • Mobile photo and dictation function

  • Digital project documents in the app (photos, plans etc.)

  • Live access to documentation from the office

  • Digital customer signature

  • Checklists & processes

  • Digital customer file

  • Automatic, legally compliant archiving



Test clockin for 14 days free of charge and without any obligation.

A convenient connection

With clockin, your employees' smartphones are connected to your office in real time. All data tracked in the app can be viewed live from the desk at any time. In this way, the boss always has everything in view. The clockin Office Center can be accessed with all common browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

  • Live overview of all projects (including current project costs)
  • Recalculation possible
  • Automatic processes

Digital documentation

Replace all paper forms

With just a few clicks, your employees can document their work results with our photo and dictation function and check off the work orders in the checklists step by step. The signature of the customer confirmation is also obtained digitally and is immediately available in the office as a PDF file.

  • Photo or dictation function
  • Checklists for your employees
  • Digital customer signatures

Discover all features of digital documentation:

Specify work steps

Provide your employees with precise work steps. In the app, your employees can simply tick off tasks that have already been completed. Counter readings can be recorded by photo or signatures can be obtained. The clockin checklists manage everything digitally and automatically that you were doing with paper until now.

Store documents, record work results

Deposit file construction plans, offers or architect's drawings that are important for your employees to the orders. Construction progress or work results can be easily and conveniently documented with before-and-after photos. These are automatically assigned to the respective customer and order. Manual, time-consuming allocations and the transfer of pictures from digital cameras are no longer necessary.

Gather signatures in the app

With clockin's digital customer confirmation feature, your employees on site can easily enter comments and processed material as well as work steps and times in the app and then have the customer sign the confirmation directly on the smartphone or tablet. On request, the customer receives a copy by e-mail and the customer confirmation is digitally archived in the Office Center at the same time.

Voice-to-text function

Your employees can document work results directly on site by voice input. Speech recognition immediately converts the voice input into written text. This saves your employees tedious paperwork and even allows them to carry out project documentation while driving.

Automatically and securely archived

clockin automatically creates a digital file for each customer and employee and assigns the corresponding orders and projects. All tracked times, data, signatures and images are permanently and securely archived and can be evaluated or printed out at any time. Say goodbye to your filing cabinets - you become digital with clockin!


Always ready to take notes

clockin's digital notepad makes project documentation a lot easier! Your employees can now take pictures in which they can draw sketches or notes. Furthermore, you can quickly and easily draw sketches and write notes on clean sheets. This way you can save notes in the respective project and have them with you at all times. Of course, these are also automacially saved in the Office Center.


This feature allows you to assign individual access rights to employees in the Office Center. Some of our customers employ subcontractors who track their hours via clockin as well, but don't want them to have access to other data of the company. Other companies are located at different sites or have several branches that are organized separately.

For all those, the clockin Teams feature is quite appealing: In the Office Center you can create different teams & departments of your company. You can assign the employees to a department and thereby assign individual responsibilities or permissions to each employee. Which employees are granted access to which data can be adjusted with just a few clicks.



The perfect dashboard

Our Office Center

A convenient connection.

Provide your employees with project data while sitting at your desk.

Live overview of all current projects. Data exchange in real time.

Create checklists, work completely paperless.

The Office Centre

Always everything in view.

The data tracked via app is immediately available in the office. This means that you always have an overview of all orders and costs and can recalculate them directly if necessary. Automatic processes support your administrative staff. No installation necessary - just log in online and get started.


  • Automatic processes
  • Live project overview & post-calculation
  • Simple employee administration

Your benefits

  • Automatic generation of timesheets (incl. Excel export)
  • Live overview of all project costs (incl. post-calculation)
  • Can be used with all common browsers
  • Online resource planning 
  • Simple employee administration
  • CSV import/export



Test clockin for 14 days free of charge and without any obligation.

clockin Teams - Individual access rights

Organize locations and branch offices

Delimit teams and subcontractors

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