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[Translate to English:] Digitalisierung Handwerk


The easy time tracking and digital documentation for field service AND office. Your employees track working times on a project basis and you always have an overview!




[Translate to English:] Digitalisierung Baugewerbe


The digital project file for every construction site is always at hand. Time tracking per App. Progress can be documented easily. Time sheets are generated automatically.




[Translate to English:] Digitalisierung Immobilien Branche

Real estate

With clockin, you always have your files with you. Simply record the working hours of your employees and handle processes such as handing over apartments digitally via app.




Cleaning services & facility management

Cleaning services can use the app to track their working hours individually or in groups. Checklists can be used to document work steps and acceptances. The employer has an overview of all appointments via the calendar tool in the office center.




[Translate to English:] Pflege Branche Digitalisierung


Nursing staff and personnel in the healthcare industry can save a lot of time by using mobile and digital time tracking via clockin app. The app can also be used to record data and keep legally compliant records.




[Translate to English:] Produktion Digitalisierung


Digital time tracking via tablet at the entrance of the production hall replaces costly terminals. At the end of the month, automatic timesheets are available! In addition, you can handle processes such as incoming goods digitally.




[Translate to English:] Landwirtschaft Digitalisierung


You can digitalize your business with mobile time tracking and digital documentation. Hire seasonal workers flexibly and locate them via GPS for security purposes!




[Translate to English:] Dienstleistungen Zeiterfassung


Combine time tracking in the office with your work in the field service. Track your working hours on a project basis and always have digital customer files with you.




[Translate to English:] Öffentlicher Dienst Zeiterfassung und Dokumentation

Public sector

Free the public service from time-consuming bureaucracy. Combine office time tracking and field service. Document your work with just a few clicks and always have your documents with you digitally.